Something's Eating the Garden

Love this book so much! From the sweet story (with a surprise twist at the end) to the absolutely adorable characters.
The artwork is beautifully done giving all the characters a sweetness that all children (and adults) will love.

Win Win!

Darla D | Amazon Verified Purchase

Something's Eating the Garden

Something's Eating the Garden is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. Early school-aged readers will have fun reading it for themselves and to younger children as well.

Little ones will laugh at the incongruities of the animals in the garden, like a crocodile in the pumpkin patch or an elephant in the corn!  Parents will enjoy reading the book to children because of the beautiful artwork and the surprise at the end.

This book’s detailed illustrations are in vivid eye-catching colors that appeal to young and old. The illustrations will captivate both the reader and the child to whom they are reading and will entertain them with a guessing game in rhyme and a fun twist ending. 

It also subtlety encourages them to eat fresh vegetables from the garden. What could be better? This is an excellent children’s book for any family or classroom to reinforce the topic of making healthy choices.

This story will be a favorite for the young child in your life. It is the next children's classic. One of those books a child will ask to hear over and over again!



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